A bouncer can be used in many different ways. It can protect your bot from being traced to its machine or protect your nick or just sit in the channel and idle. psyBNC for example can be used as another client in the channel to keep it.
All bouncers are distributed by source.

Here a brief list of all component available on this page:

bnc v2.6.4, 17.09.1999
bnc is a very simple bouncer. It supports basic features. It is also available as a Windows9x/NT port.

Feature list:
  • logging support
  • vhost support

    Download, 44kb (md5sum: 4c4e4356b5be027b2ecca49a574e6f8a)
    Download (win version), 34kb (md5sum: 04d7fb29786fb52171c915b5e291be2e)

  • datapipe v1.1, ??.??.1995
    Datapipe creates a listen socket to pipe connections to another machine/port. 'local port' accepts connections on the machine running datapipe, which will connect to 'remote port' on 'remote host'. It will fork itself into the background on non-Windows machines.
    Distributed by source.

    Feature list:
  • compileable on unix and windows

    Download, 8kb (md5sum: 6d3326562064707083f213f43e74fadb)

  • ezbounce v0.99.6, 30.04.2000
    ezbounce is a widely popular bouncer. It has basic proxy and vhost support.

    Feature list:
  • ban list support
  • logging support
  • message logging
  • multiple user support
  • proxy support
  • vhost support

    Download, 134kb (md5sum: 81da8140813afd779b4e16b43929b9b5)

  • muh v2.05c, 20.03.2000
    Okay, sorry to the author of muh. Due to some mis-information I wrongly labeled this quite good open source bouncer a cracker product. Sorry from here!

    Feature list:
  • logging support
  • IRC docking mode

    Download, 73kb (md5sum: 91d651e9946edfb08412396cee34d42d)

  • psyBNC v2.2, 15.08.2000
    psyBNC is the most advanced bouncer available. It has got a lot of features which even some IRC bots haven't. A single psyBNC client can maintain 100 different server connections emulating 100 users. The advantage of the psyBNC linking is obvious, too. A client connecting to one psyBNC can use hosts and vhosts of each psyBNC in the net (linked psyBNCs).

    Feature list:
  • Crypting of Passwords
  • DCC sessions to bots are hold
  • Permanent connections to IRC while you are offline
  • Only One Backgroundtask running, even with 100 serving connections
  • Full Message-Logging, Full Connection Logging
  • Integrated Partyline

    Download, 197kb (md5sum: 793b65ea32107dd697af6c9236efdf82)

  • bnc.tcl v1.0, 01.04.2000
    This is a sample tcl script to connect your bot to a bouncer. Edit it to your needs.

    Download, 1kb (md5sum: 5c7bdae1e80688cb31a851b02fdc6c62)

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