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I don't want to explain here what Eggdrop is or what it is capable of - others have done it many times and you really should know yourself. Anyway some information about Eggdrop versioning and developing system are explained here, so that it's more clear how we process.

Eggheads and Eggdrop 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x & 1.7.x

Eggheads crew ( has taken development of Eggdrop back in 1.3.24 after the beldin group dropped it in favour of the newly created eggdrop2 project. Eggheads finished 1.3 series development with Eggdrop 1.3.28 and introduced the linux versioning scheme to eggdrop; There are actually two separate Eggdrop development trees, a stable and an unstable one. The versioning scheme for Eggdrop parallels that of the Linux kernel, where "even" sub-versions indicate versions that are intended to be stable, only seeing maintenance to fix bugs, and "odd" sub-versions indicate an "experimental" stream that seeks to add enhancement. The latest stable release is 1.4.x; if you don't intend to do development work, you should be using either this version, or an older stable version. These versions are fairly stable, with all currently known bugs fixed. The present "experimental" stream is eggdrop-1.5.x, which is somewhat unstable. Once the 1.5.x series stabilizes, the next stable series will be 1.6.x and 1.7.x the new development tree.

Both trees use the cvs system for their development, so you can always get the current Eggdrop of it.
I cannot recommend you one tree or another, since both got good arguments for their use. As you can read in my Channel Security Concept you shouldn't utilise only one bot version but as many as possible. So you have to find your ideal mix between new features and stability, which serves your needs. Since I'm a developer of eggdrop, I use the unstable bots in my channel and the stable releases for my hubs. This allows me to follow the development and benefit the new features.

You can always get the newest cvs version from, just type:
(1) export
(2) cvs login
(3) press <enter> when it asks for a password.
(4) cvs checkout eggdrop-stable
(5) in ~/eggdrop-stable, you should have a copy of the latest CVS version of Eggdrop.
If you're looking for Eggdrop1.5 (unstable version of eggdrop), just change everything from "-stable" to "-unstable" above!

Here are some of the most important project goals for the 1.7 tree:

  • more modularization
  • lower memory/cpu usage
  • no more dependance on tcl (optionally), use of other scripting languages

beldin group and Eggdrop2

The beldin group dropped Eggdrop1.3 development, because they thought that Eggdrop1.3.23 was too messed up and so they started to code Eggdrop completely from scratch. They named their project Eggdrop2 (not Eggdrop [version]2) to mark the difference to original Eggdrop by Robey. Since eggheads took over development of Eggdrop 1.3.24 and the beldin group was way to arrogant to their users, Eggdrop2 isn't spread widely and probably never will, since even its main coder beldin dropped it from his homepage (

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