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Modules are portions of code that are loaded separately to Eggdrop itself, which provided extra services. Eg. filesys module provides the entire file system. Since modules are already compiled they are faster then any tcl script you load on your bot.
There are some modules around which fulfil many various tasks. On my tours a cross the internet I found lots of modules, and the best and most useful once are shown here.
If you'd like to submit a module to this page, you are asked not to send it to me via E-Mail but using the submit page. Thank you.

Here a brief list of all component available on this page:

bgexec v1.3, ??.??.1998 - works on Eggdrop 1.3.0 - 1.5.3
This module allows you to execute shell commands without halting the bot. Normally, when you execute something via ".tcl exec <command>" the bot halts until the command is finished and displayed in chat session.
This module allows you to execute commands in the background and display the results when finished.

Feature list:
  • Bot won't halt on shell command execution

    Download, 4kb (md5sum: d29989a815c9a5e2d6a82e60eb52f49d)

  • botnetop.mod v1.0.1, 14.02.2001 - works on Eggdrop 1.4.x, 1.5.x and 1.6.x
    This module is a straight port of the botnetop.tcl from the netbots.tcl suite by slennox. It's about twice as fast as the aproperiate script and reduces the load on the bot. If you're looking for an easy to use module, use this.

    Feature list:
  • compatible with botnetop.tcl by slennox
  • automatic host-add feature
  • refined op-requests
  • no mode-flooding
  • todo list contains comptibility mode for other scripts


  • ids-mod v1.0, ??.??.1999 - works on Eggdrop 1.3.0 - 1.5.3
    This module checks minutely all existing remote ethernet interfaces for promisc state. These checks can detect remote session hijacking done by tools like hunt, juggernaut, etc. They will also detect any promisc ethernet sniffer. It also checks vital system files for modifications, which are normally never altered. This will detect trojan and backdoor versions of these files installed by intruders and configuration changes.

    Feature list:
  • minutely check for promisc state on remote ethernet devices
  • minutely checks for important system files
  • optional removal of Eggdrop or crontab on hack to prevent restart or user file compromise

    Download, 3kb (md5sum: 297ce2cfb7b6d62babde46654ef0a5a4 )

  • irctree.mod v1.1, 13.08.2000 - works on Eggdrop 1.4.x - 1.5.x
    This module draws an ASCII graphic of /LINKS output in dcc. Fixed by NML_375 to compile on newer bot versions.

    Feature list:
  • shows servers in your network in a hierarchic order, like a tree.

    Download, 4kb (md5sum: f548f5b231d3ec75bb6ad6fce19db096)

  • gseen.mod v1.1.0 - works on Eggdrop 1.4.0 - 1.6.4
    This module is a seen module for Eggdrop that tracks not only the users in the bot's user file, but everyone who enters one of the bots channels. It does pretty much the same as the popular script bseen and has a few additional features like AI-seen and seen-notification.

    Feature list:
  • AI support
  • hostmask search supported
  • saves all users
  • seen notification
  • separate data file
  • wildcard search supported


  • stats.mod v1.3.2 - works on Eggdrop 1.4.x(but 1.4.x is NOT recommended), 1.5.x, 1.6.x
    This module generates statistics about the users. It counts the words that the user have spoken, the lines, actions, smileys, joins, quits, mode changes, topic changes, nick changes, kicks and how long the user has been on the channel.
    It is basically a module port of the popular statswww script with lot's of more features

    Feature list:
  • anticheat tcl script included
  • daily statistics as well as most pupular words are counted
  • basic ircstats-like output
  • generates web pages as well as channel output
  • livestats support (bot listens on a port and generates files on-the-fly)
  • separate data file


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