Pagedrop Section

This section covers eggdrops interaction with your channel homepage. There are many different ways in which eggdrop can enhance the overhaul outlook of your homepage.
Some examples sites in which the interaction between the homepage and the eggdrop enhances site design a lot:

There are many other possible usage forms, for example automatically generated page with last 20 lines from the channel or an htaccess secured homepage area which operates with the bots internal passwords.

  •, 1KB (md5sum: )
    This simple perl script return a string in format of DD.MM.YYYY when user was last seen by the bot
  • Chanstats 2.01 by Ernst, 16KB (md5sum: 2ece6007329b590153d42587bfb65e91)
    Ernst's classical Chanstats script. You'll find it on nearly any channel homepage
  • TrueGateway, 3KB (md5sum: 5f60916ecaec46ba3c3de1a66f46ab87)
    This script writes the current talk on a webpage. neat feature.
  • TCL HTTPD, 3.1MB (md5sum: 7a66f036b99074a40ad8c0d628ca0242)
    This is an implementation of the http protocol in eggdrop. Check it out.
  • eggdrop tcl httpd, 5KB (md5sum: cb80f5ce913329cea73226108136e763)
    This is an older, but adapted to eggdrop version of TCL HTTPD.

If you've got a script or a programm to beautify a homepage with eggdrop or irc stuff, upload it and send an E-Mail to

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