Useful Eggdrop Scripts

If you are choosing a script for your botnet you have to have some requirements in mind, which the script must fulfil:
  • security (not obscurity!) using encryption and of course no backdoors.
  • easy administration & setup
  • easy way to extend script functionality (modules, components, etc.)

    The best way to find something like this is to code it for yourself. But since not everybody of us has time or knowledge (also you should really know tcl if you want to administrate a botnet) to code a script that fulfils these requirements, we have to take back on public scripts made by other people. I did same, because I didn't have any time to write my own script. I tried many different scripts, but none satisfied my. In (uuuhm) august 1999 I found netbots.tcl by slennox, version 2.00. Netbots wasn't perfect at that time, but it was the best one around. From this time on I followed development and made suggestions from time to time to the author so it fits my needs now.
    Netbots is, once you understood it and read the documentation, easy to setup and maintain. It uses components for each function and you can add and remove components without breaking the main script or having to modify it. Since it uses a botnet-wide update feature, updates to the script or it's components are very easy. To avoid any hacking attempts it communicates only encrypted via botnet.

    So if you are looking for a good botnet administration script give netbots.tcl a try. Official netbots homepage is
    I strongly recommend reading documentation since it could be otherwise a little bit difficult to understand the concept.
    I wrote and collected some netbots components. You can find them in my Netbots.tcl Components section.

    Don't mail me with questions about your netset.tcl file - Mails will be moved right away to /dev/null.

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