banmanagement.tcl Component Documentation

# banmanagement.tcl for netbots.tcl v4.05
# designed to work with eggdrop 1.5.4 or higher
# Johoho's Eggdrop Page - http://johoho.tuts.net/eggdrop/
# banmanagement.tcl copyright (c) 2000 by Johoho <johoho@hojo-net.de>
# netbots.tcl copyright (c) 1998-2000 by slennox <slennox@egghelp.org>

## banmanagement.tcl component script v1.10.0, 21.03.2002 ##

# History:
# v0.10.0, 03.07.2000 - initial design
# v0.20.0, 03.07.2000 - squelched all bugs, basic join check works now
# v0.25.0, 03.07.2000 - added some additional checks
# v1.00.0, 03.07.2000 - first public release
v1.10.0, 21.03.2002 - fixed a severe [die] nick bug. Beginners bug :-(

# thanks slennox for netbots.tcl

Please note that this component is fully compatible with netbots.tcl v3.15 - 4.05 by slennox



There are two types of hostmasks a user can have when joining your channel, a normal one (resolving) or an ip numeric one (not resolving). When you ban an intruder with his resolving hostmask, he still rejoin the channel with a non-resolving version. I once had such a guy, and it was a pain since I had to enter each ban twice, and shortly after my ban list was full. IrcNET's ircd 2.10 solves this problem pretty good, since when an ip (or an ip range) is banned, the resolving hosts are banned either. Therefore it is advisable to keep as much bans as possible as ips (-ranges) and use a script which checks all joing resolving hosts against the bots internal ban list. Of course, not all bans can be set in ips (for example the ban of a complete country *.cx).



To install this component properly you have to copy it to your netbots directory and add these lines to your netset.tcl conf:

# banmanagement.tcl
set nb_component(banmanagement) 1


Q:  The script gives errors. testip seems not be a valid proc.
A:  You need to load alltools.tcl. Additionally, you should load alltools before loading netbots.
Q:  I have a question, but it's not listed here.
A:  Feel free to contact the author at johoho@hojo-net.de!


You can contact me via E-Mail at johoho@hojo-net.de, at ICQ 2499577 (tell me who you are and what you want or I'll ignore you) or catch me on irc usually around 18-24 UTC+1 in #eggdrop. (IrcNET)


banmanagement.tcl is provided 'as is' and without warranty of any kind. You may use it own will as long as the author is NOT held responsible for ANY damage caused by the usage of this script, neither direct or indirect.
You may modify the script and all belonging files as long as you keep this copyright-text, include a short description of all changes, and send a copy to the author (e-mail: johoho@hojo-net.de).

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