cdiss.tcl Component Documentation

# cdiss.tcl for netbots.tcl v3.35
# designed to work with eggdrop 1.5.4 or higher
# Johoho's Eggdrop Page - http://johoho.tuts.net/eggdrop/
# cdiss.tcl copyright (c) 1999,2000 by Johoho <johoho@hojo-net.de>
# netbots.tcl copyright (c) 1998-2000 by slennox <slennox@egghelp.org>

## cdiss.tcl component script v1.15.0, 16.06.2000 ##

# History:
# v0.01.0 11.04.2000 - initial design and concept
# v0.10.0 15.04.2000 - added automatical auxiliary support
# v0.20.0 16.04.2000 - fixed lots of bugs
# v0.30.0 17.04.2000 - rewrite
# v0.50.0 18.04.2000 - okay, part/quit/join code optimized and bugs fixed. Should work now?
# v1.00.0, 20.04.2000 - initial release
# v1.01.0, 21.04.2000 - added a check which prevents unneccecary netchanset calls
# v1.02.0, 18.05.2000 - rewrote code fragments to increase speed, security and usability
# v1.03.0, 19.05.2000 - fixed nasty bugs, added documentation
# v1.04.0, 22.05.2000 - fixed nasty nick regain bug
# v1.05.0, 23.05.2000 - fixed join bug
# v1.10.0, 27.05.2000 - fixed .cdiss bug, fixed timer issue, added kick support
# v1.15.0, 16.06.2000 - fixed some small bugs - thanks ICU

# thanks slennox for netbots.tcl

Please note that this component is fully compatible with netbots.tcl v3.10 - 3.35 by slennox



cdiss is a two channel security script. It is configured to work for the two channels This script basically calls the bots from the other channel for help when it detects that the bot count on a channel gets under a certain level. The script checks during netsplits, parts and joins if the level raises again or not. If the botlevel raises again to the minimum bot count +2, it removes the helping bots.
Additionaly, the other botnet joins if a bot gets kicked.

Commands MSG/DCC

DCC Commands

.cdiss (m|m) - use some cdiss features by hand

Further help is available via the netbots help system or cdiss --help


This script requires all bots linked together and using netbots with the same key on all bots. Communication has to allowed between those, too, in detail the commands "nb:cd_chanset" and "nb:cd_netison" need to be allowed to pass the botnet. Both botnets must have an entry for the other channel set to +inactive. Also the bots should know each other and op, share users, etc.



To install this component properly you have to copy it to your netbots directory and add these lines to your netset.tcl conf:

# cdiss.tcl settings
set nb_component(cdiss) 1
set cd_chan1 "#lamest"
set cd_chan2 "#botcentral"
set cd_nb1grp "lamest"
set cd_nb2grp "botcentral"
set cd_note "YourNick" set cd_botcnt "3"

Settings Documentation

cd_chan1 (default: )
Enter here the channel where botnet 1 sits.
Valid settings: A valid channel (#,!,+,& channels are supported)
cd_chan2 (default: )
Enter here the channel where botnet 2 sits.
Valid settings: A valid channel (#,!,+,& channels are supported)
cd_nb1grp (default: )
Set here the name of the netbots group (nb_group) where all bots from channel 1 are included.
Valid settings: A valid nb_group (see netbots documentation)
cd_nb2grp (default: )
Set here the name of the netbots group (nb_group) where all bots from channel 2 are included.
Valid settings: A valid nb_group (see netbots documentation)
cd_note (default: "YourNick")
Enter here a list of people who should be notified if the script detects an emergency situation
Valid settings: One or more handles, seperated by a blank " ". Leave completely blank to disable.
cd_botcnt (default: 3)
If the number of bots falls under this count, help is requested from the other channel
Valid settings:


Q:  Sometimes a bot joins the other channel without being called or netsplit. Why is this so?
A:  cdiss.tcl uses the irc ISON command to detect on netsplits whether the nicks are here or not. If the bot's nick is taken, eggdrop sends out ISON to check whether its nick is available again. This makes the bot join the other channel.
set use-ison 0 in config file to turn this behaviour off.
Q:  I have a question, but it's not listed here.
A:  Feel free to contact the author at johoho@hojo-net.de!


You can contact me via E-Mail at johoho@hojo-net.de, at ICQ 2499577 (tell me who you are and what you want or I'll ignore you) or catch me on irc usually around 18-24 UTC+1 in #eggdrop. (IrcNET)


cdiss.tcl is provided 'as is' and without warranty of any kind. You may use it own will as long as the author is NOT held responsible for ANY damage caused by the usage of this script, neither direct or indirect.
You may modify the script and all belonging files as long as you keep this copyright-text, include a short description of all changes, and send a copy to the author (e-mail: johoho@hojo-net.de).

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