joinstat.tcl Component Documentation

# joinstat.tcl for netbots.tcl v3.35
# designed to work with eggdrop 1.5.4 or higher
# Johoho's Eggdrop Page - http://johoho.tuts.net/eggdrop/
# joinstat.tcl copyright (c) 1999-2003 by Johoho <johoho@hojo-net.de>
# netbots.tcl copyright (c) 1998-2003 by slennox <slennox@egghelp.org>

## joinstat.tcl component script v2.80.0, 22.08.2003 ##

# History:
# v1.00.0, 09.05.2000 - initial release, not public
# v1.01.0, 10.05.2000 - public release
# v1.02.0, 10.05.2000 - fixed a rather small bug
# v2.00.0 12.05.2000 - new features require modularization, rewrite
# v2.01.0 12.05.2000 - some cosmetics
# v2.02.0 22.05.2000 - optimized code, fixed a bug
# v2.50.0 23.05.2000 - rewrote much of the code, less botnet communication
# v2.51.0 25.05.2000 - added some more isonserv code
# v2.52.0 29.05.2000 - added on-load broadcast
# v2.52.0, 19.06.2000 - added NO-IRC support
# v2.60.0, 20.06.2000 - fixed udef flag code
# v2.70.0, 20.03.2002 - fixed a bug which occured because of bad documentation in netbots
# v2.80.0, 22.08.2003 - fixed typos and errors, Daxxar

# thanks slennox for netbots.tcl

Please note that this component is fully compatible with netbots.tcl v3.10 - 4.x by slennox



This script provides a joining user with some information about the status of the botnet. It tells you how many bots are linked, which netbots are offline, and if any netbot is currently not connected to an ircserver. An example output would look like this way:
*** Now talking in #gardening
-Carrots-  There are 79 bots on the botnet
-Carrots-  16 netbots (4 offline or not linked: Tomatoes, Onions)
-Carrots-  Celery is currently not connected to an irc server
-Carrots-  Milk is currently not connected to an irc server
Please note that this script uses the channel flag +/-joinstat to dynamically switch the public on and off.



To install this component properly you have to copy it to your netbots directory and add these lines to your netset.tcl conf:

# joinstat.tcl
set nb_component(joinstat) 1
set js_say "Carrots"
set js_chans ""
set js_echans ""
set js_nick "$owner"
set js_serv 1
set js_chon 1
set js_fast "puthelp"
set js_type "NOTICE"

Settings Documentation

js_say (default: YourBotName)
List of bots who should say statistics on join to people in js_nick.
Valid settings: one bot or a list of bots seperated by a blank (" ")
js_chans (default: "")
List of channels in which to activate notification.
Valid settings: one channel like "#donkeys", a list of channels like "#donkeys #cows #pigs", or "" to activate on all channels (except those listed in js_echans).
js_echans (default: "")
List of channels in which to skip notification.
Valid settings: one channel like "#donkeys", a list of channels like "#donkeys #cows #pigs", or "" to switch this off.
js_nick (default: "$owner")
Enter here a list of people who should be notified on join.
Valid settings: One or more nicknames, seperated by a blank " ". Leave completely blank to disable.
js_serv (default: 1)
Do you want to be notified about bots which are not connected to an ircserver?
Valid settings: 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
js_chon (default: 1)
If you want extenden nb_chon behaviour, activate this setting.
Valid settings: 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
js_fast (default: "puthelp")
Define here how quickly you want to get the information from the bot. puthelp is normal behaviour, putserv is fast behaviour. Please note, that putserv shouldn't be used for notification, since it burdens the server queueu.
Valid settings: puthelp or putserv (case sensitive)
js_type (default: "NOTICE")
Define here how you want to be notified by the bot, by message (/msg) or by notice (/notice).
Valid settings: NOTICE or PRIVMSG (case sensitive)


Q:  I set js_serv to 1, but on join it doesn't show anything
A:  Well, it seems that all of your bots are connected to an ircserver :-)
Q:  When I join I get the usual messages by the bot but nothing more. After some time I get information about the other bots, why is there such a lag?
A:  joinstat.tcl uses the botnet to ask the other bots whether they are connected to an irc server or not. Such behaviour happens if your botnet is lagging.
Q:  I set a valid handle in 'js_nick', but the bot doesn't notifies him. He's is not an owner.
A:  joinstats.tcl binds only to owner joins to save ressources of the bot. If you want to change this behaviour, add this option to your netset.tcl file:

set js_flag "-"

You can also use any other valid flag instead of '-' to match
Q:  I have a question, but it's not listed here.
A:  Feel free to contact the author at johoho@hojo-net.de!


You can contact me via E-Mail at johoho@hojo-net.de, at ICQ 2499577 (tell me who you are and what you want or I'll ignore you) or catch me on irc usually around 18-24 UTC+1 in #eggdrop. (IrcNET)


joinstat.tcl is provided 'as is' and without warranty of any kind. You may use it own will as long as the author is NOT held responsible for ANY damage caused by the usage of this script, neither direct or indirect.
You may modify the script and all belonging files as long as you keep this copyright-text, include a short description of all changes, and send a copy to the author (e-mail: johoho@hojo-net.de).

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